RedPhone-OS underwater wireless telephone station

The RedPhone-OS underwater wireless telephone station provides voice messages over the water surface and divers. The device supports standard frequency bands and is compatible with most similar systems.

Key features:

  • Compatible with most similar systems (OTS, Oceanreef etc.)
  • Rugged, durable and easily noticeable plastic housing
  • Acoustic communication range up to  2000 m
  • Receiver with high sensitivity
  • Built-in speech detector

Technical specification:

Dimensions 259 x 202x 115 mm
Weight (dry) 2 kg
Acoustic range (energetic) 2000 m
Number of supported channels 8
Battery life (receive mode) up to 8 hours
Antenna’s cable length 7 m
Temperature range  0..50 ˚С
Built-in battery type Li-FePH
Ingress protection IP67


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