The RedWAVE system is represented by a line of devices that solve underwater positioning problems for a wide range of consumers: divers, industrial or rescue divers, as well as subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUVs).

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Underwater data transmission

We are pleased to introduce to you our wireless digital communication modems RedGTR, RedLINE and NATRIX that implement a transparent transmission channel. Our modems are the smallest in the world and the most profitable in terms of price/reliability and transmission speed/dimensions.

Underwater telephone

The underwater wireless telephone RedPhone provides the user with the ability to transfer voice messages between divers and a surface post, as well as between divers directly.


Laboratory underwater communication and navigation – Russia’s only
developer of commercially available systems, digital wireless
underwater communication and navigation

Scientific basis

RedWAVE system is designed in the “Laboratory of underwater communication and navigation” on the experience of Soviet scientists: employees Acoustics Institute. Academician NN Andreev (Moscow), Research Institute Gidrosvyazi “Calm” (Volgograd), Concern “Morphyspribor” (Leningrad) (the current “Okeanpribor”, St. Petersburg).

RedWAVE technologies are continually being improved on the basis of its own research
base and user reviews: industrial divers, divers, searchers and rescuers.

Flexible production – flexible product

We are studying the needs of the industry, we generate ideas, formalize the problem, create models and prototypes, test them in the laboratory and field conditions, produce serial devices.

Therefore RedWAVE products are easily adapted to specific tasks: to change the performance of the corps; change information and security options interface; develop specific hardware and software interfaces.

Open source software and hardware interfaces

RedWAVE devices can be easily integrated into their own systems through open interfaces and detailed documentation.
We help customize our product for any unusual problems!

Reliable communication in complex hydrological conditions

Speed ​​hydroacoustic modems Natrix work in steel and concrete technical pools, docks and other small bodies of water with strong reverberation as reliable as the open water.

The navigation system with a passive receiver

Thanks to the technology of passive determination of the coordinates of the navigation system in the world RedWAVE only supports an unlimited number of users in the area. In this case the power consumption of the navigation
receiver is reduced to 70 mA.

Compact enclosure

We have developed and patented a lightweight, durable and compact body for modems and navigation systems. With a weight of 300 g and a size of 64 × 55 mm our devices provide absolute geographical coordinates within a radius of 3 km and at depths up to 300 meters. Navigation solutions such level for the first time available for miniature underwater vehicles: small class ROV, AUV and gliders, but can also be used in serious ROV.

Intuitive user interface

Working with underwater acoustic positioning system RedWAVE no different from working with receivers
GPS / GLONASS on land. Using simple commands save itineraries
memorize points of interest (POI) and Marshall route to specified POI.

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