High-Accuracy Positioning and Orientation Estimation For Towed Bodies

It often happens that in practice we come across a specific class of challenging tasks, where it is necessary to control position and orientation of towed bodies in real time. During a flaw detection and examination of underwater pipelines, for instance, it is crucial to determine an exact location-based position of a flaw detector above the pipeline, and linking it precisely to the time. 

These tasks are complicated by difficult hydrological conditions that limit the feasibility of using work class underwater vehicles, as well as vessels with dynamic positioning or divers themselves. Apart from physical restrictions, the use of expensive work class underwater equipment can be impractical for economic reasons. 

For such cases we have developed and offer our customers engineering support, that includes full assistance and support of underwater works using a specialised underwater navigation complex that allows to determine position and orientation of our Customer’s equipment. 

Apart from that, the service may include more classic ways of examination of waters, such as bathymetry, hydrolocation, magnetometry. These type of works are often necessary as an initial preparation for substantive work.  

The service includes provision of specialised navigation equipment along with the work of our engineers maintaining and operating the equipment.  The independent acquisition and use of this navigation complex is impossible due to its high complexity.

Navigation complex is a short baseline navigation system where the navigation transmitter is located on a towing vessel and the receiver  is on the positioning object, informationally and energetically interfaced with a tow. The existing complex allows to determine geographical location of a towed object at depths down to 40 meters and at a 50 meter range from a tow vessel, in addition to that it shows banking angles, hull angles, trims and azimuth in real time. It is also possible to make refinements or alterations for specific requirements.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to consult you personally on the potential capabilities of our equipment, on possible technical solutions and a list of services. 

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