Engineering Services

We deliver our equipment as open as possible so that our customers can achieve their set of goals in the most convenient way: 

In terms of use most of what we make does not require so-called special engineering efforts. Our underwater telephone, underwater GPS for divers for instance work straight from the box; ultrashort baseline navigation system with an autonomous responder  only requires actual installation of this responder onto a carrier without having to plug it into its electrical system. 

However, some of our devices call for works to integrate it with client’s equipment. Examples of the latter are RedNode acoustic navigation receiver, or the above-mentioned ultrashort baseline navigation system, which require integration to the carrier when, apart from navigation, there is a task to transfer telecontrol commands and to collect telemetry data through hydroacoustic channel. If the client has neither a wish nor a capacity to address the integration issues, we shall help to solve them. 

But sometimes it is not enough: specific tasks seek specific solutions. We are ready to provide this type of solutions to our clients. 

Since our devices are fully developed and manufactured by us, we can implement just about any refinements necessary to solve our client’s specific tasks. 

Among other things, we are able to do the following: 

In special cases we are ready to develop a specific solution that complies with the requirements set out by the client, having undergone all the stages of solution making, between acceptance of technical plans and commissioning works, consulting services and staff training. 

Please contact us and we will be happy to offer advice on implementing current model solutions, and, if necessary, will help to decide on possible refinements. 

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