Our Lab

Our Lab

Underwater communication & navigation laboratory is a Russian developer and manufacturer of commercially available devices and complexes for underwater wireless navigation and communication, used by divers and ROV/AUV in a wide range of underwater works.

UC&NL products include various navigation solutions (long base, ultrashort base-line) with outstanding characteristics. These products have no analogs in the world.

We develop and manufacture underwater digital wireless data transmission systems. Our hydroacoustic modems have no analogs in terms of data rate/mass ratio and their characteristics are confirmed by work in real water areas.


The Laboratory was founded in February 2015 by young scientists and engineers, who had accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge and practical skills to create and develop our products.

We decided that we will make devices that will compete with expensive solutions in terms of price, and in terms of quality and functionality – with the very expensive ones. And as it seems to us and our customers, we have quite coped with this task.

The production and testing base is located in Volgograd, and Moscow hosts the head office.

We delivered the first device of our own production to our Customer in August 2015. Over the years, our customers have become both government and commercial entities. Our products are used to solve such problems as:

We are residents of the Skolkovo Innovation Center (Space and Telecommunications Cluster), a member of the MariNet working group of the National Technology Initiative, and we are also supported by the Bortnik Foundation.

Where to buy our Products. Shipping information and Payment Methods 

The devices can be ordered directly from us as well as from our partners. Delivery times range from one to six weeks, depending on the order quantity and the current production situation. We sell our products to both individuals and legal entities, both residents of Russian Federation and non-residents. All payments are made via bank transfer.

You can meet us and get acquainted with our products in Moscow, Russia in the office of the Laboratory. It is also possible to carry out joint tests, for this purpose it is necessary to submit an application on our website or call +7 (499) 322-25-37.


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