Splitter UART

This device is designed for combining data from one and up to six different serial ports (UART, RS-422/485) with a maximum joint speed of 115200, and for its transmission using one high-speed bus such as RS-422/485. The use of two devices of this kind provides an opportunity to receive a clear channel through one or two twisted pairs (RS-485/422) for six devices.

Price: $230 for a Splitter

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Technical specifications:

Number of RS-422/RS-485 configurable ports 2 pcs
Number of RS-485 ports 2 pcs
Number of UART general purpose ports 2 pcs
Temperature range -20..60 ˚С
Data transmission speed for dial-up ports 9600 bps
Power Consumption 2 W
Power Supply Voltage 4.5..5.5 V
Data Line Voltage 0..3.3 V
Port Speed 115200 bps
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