RedGTR underwater digital acoustic modem

RedGTR is the series of wireless underwater digital communications modems that provide short code messages exchange in a network organized between such devices.

The device uses a fixed-length code-division signal to provide a point-to-point network consisting of 25 devices located in the same water area up to 8000×8000 meters. Up to 40 code messages in a network of 25 subscribers.

One-piece housing unified with a RedNODE device allows you to use standard solutions for integration. Small size, low power consumption and ease of use make RedGTR ideal solution for the implementation of control channels, as well as signaling devices for various actuators, circuit breakers, and other actuators.

Key features:

  • Minimum dimensions
  • Operating range up to  8000 m
  • Subscribers code division
  • Reliable and noise-immune technology of digital broadband acoustic communication
  • Low power consumption (Rx / Tx) 0.4 / 10 W
  • Open configuration protocol
  • Working depth up to 400 m (option with builtin depth sensor is available up to 300 m)
  • 40 code messages/ 25 subscribers

Technical specification:

Dimensions 64 х 62 mm
Weight (dry) 0.33 kg
Depth rating 400 m
Max operating range 8000 m
Frequency band 5-15 кГц
BER 10^-6
Start-up time 100 ms
SNR -6 dB
Wire length 1.5 m
Max relative velocity +/- 1.8 m/s
Operating temperature range -5..50 ˚С
Payload data rate 88 bit/s
Power supply 5 V
Power consumption Rx/Tx  70 mA / 3 A
Data lines voltage 0..3 V
Built-in temperature sensor accuracy 0.1 ˚С
Code division scheme (commands/subscribers) 40/25
Interface UART 9600 bit/s
Protocol NMEA 0183 PTNT
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