RedLine underwater digital acoustic modem

RedLine is the series of wireless underwater digital communications modems that implement a transparent transmission channel.

RedLine modems have an unsurpassed correlation of such parameters as power consumption, dimensions, speed and transmission distance.

One-piece housing unified with a RedNODE devices allows you to use standard solutions for integration. Small size, low power consumption and ease of use make RedLine ideal solution both for small ROV/ AUV and larger devices. Subscribers code division feature allows solving efficiently the data transfer tasks for several devices.

Key features:

  • Can be applied in underwater digital acoustic sensor networks
  • Reliable data transmissions with 88 bit/s
  • Minimum dimensions
  • Operating range up to  8000 m
  • Subscribers code division
  • Reliable and noise-immune technology of digital broadband acoustic communication
  • Low power consumption (Rx / Tx) 0.4 / 10 W
  • Open configuration protocol
  • Relay function

Technical specification:

Dimensions 64 х 62 mm
Weight (dry) 0.36 kg
Depth rating 400 m
Max operating range 8000 m
Frequency band 5-15 кГц
BER 10^-6
Start-up time 100 ms
SNR -6 dB
Wire length 1.5 m
Max relative velocity +/- 3 m/s
Operating temperature range -5..50 ˚С
Payload data rate 80 bit/s
Power supply 12 V
Power consumption Rx/Tx  0.4 / 10 W
Data lines voltage 0..3.3 V
Interface UART 9600 bit/s
Protocol NMEA 0183 PTNT
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