BAT&LINK Box. Power Supply and Switching Unit in One

The BAT&LINK Box is a power supply and switching unit device, which is designed to provide stand-alone power to the ZimaBASE, direction finding antenna, course and position detection system or GNSS receiver with compass function.

The device is connected to the ZimaBASE antenna with an extension cord, as well as the system of determining the course and position. Data from both systems are available via USB-B connectors.

The device contains an integrated lithium-iron-phosphate battery with a capacity of more than 1000 charge-discharge cycles. In case it discharges, there is an option to connect an external DC voltage source of 12+/-2 V.

Technical Specifications:

Built-In Battery Capacity 38 watts per hour
Operating Temperature Range -20°..50° С
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 295х202х115 mm
External Source Permissible Voltage 12+/-2 V
Maximum Current Consumption from External Power Supply up to 5 A
Housing Material high-strength plastic
Front Panel Material stainless steel
Estimated time of autonomous operation of the system (ZimaBase + the system determining the course and position) at a temperature of 20 °C at an exchange rate of 1 transaction in 3 seconds 24 hours
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