RedNAV underwater GPS to divers

RedNAV is the only device in the world that provides so-called true underwater GPS for divers. It allows divers to determine their own geographic location in submerged state wirelessly.

Operating the RedNAV in many ways similar to the work with GPS/GLONASS, receiver/tracker, but instead of GNSS satellites, it needs four RedBASE sonobuoys deployed that allow an unlimited number of RedNODE/RedNAV devices to function at the same time and at the same place.

Unique functionality and usability make RedNAV ideal for recreational diving, archeological, biological and any other scientific and technical underwater works.

Key features:

  • Completely acoustically passive device 3D-position in absolute geographic coordinates (WGS-84)
  • Simultaneous positioning for an unlimited number of RedNODE / RedNAV devices
  • Small dimensions
  • Acoustic range up to  3000 m
  • Reliable and noise-immune technology of digital broadband acoustic communication
  • Position update rate up to 1 Hz
  • Automatic track saving with ability to export to KML and GPX formats
  • Possibility to preload the route and save the current position

Technical specification:

Dimensions Ø64×62 mm + 84x118x36 mm
Weight (dry) 0.65 kg
Acoustic range (energetic) 3000 m
Frequency band 10-30 kHz
Depth rating 140 m
Nominal 2D accuracy, 2DRMS 0.84 m
Nominal depth accuracy 0.1 m
Bit error rate 10^-6
Start-up time 100 ms
SNR -6 dB
Wire length 1.2 m
Relative velocity (Rt-Tx) +/- 1.8 m/s
Temperature range -5..50 ˚С
Coordinate system WGS-84
Nominal time to first position fix 28 s
Nominal position update rate 1 Hz
Track length up to 2 hours
Route functions: up to 20 pre-loaded waypoints  + up to 20 point to save in submerged state
Time synchronization accuracy (for GGA sentence) <50 ms
Connection to PC synchronization Bluetooth
Charger Wireless
Battery life up to 8 hours
Built-in temperature sensor accuracy 0.1 ˚С
Extra functions depth, temperature
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