How To Contact Tech Support

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been manufacturing and selling our products. Over the years, we have accumulated statistics on a wide range of issues, and we want to offer you our advice and expertise that, in our experience, will save you time and money.

We are happy to communicate with our users, but we are not always able to do it as quickly as we would have liked, so we have prepared these recommendations adherence to which will allow us to solve a question or a problem much faster.

Here are recommendations, which in 95% of cases will help to avoid contacting tech support of the Laboratory:

How To Contact Tech Support


What if thoughtful reading of the documentation has not solved the problem?

We ask you to do the following to resolve the matter as soon as possible:

Send all of the above to, and the engineer on duty will be in touch as soon as possible.

Response Time and Ways to Solve Problems

How To Contact Tech Support


Have a good dive,

Laboratory Team